ORA System®

Peace of Mind for Cataract Patients Wavefront Aberrometer

Before your cataract surgery, your surgeon and McDonald Eye Associates’ skilled technicians will run extensive tests on your eyes to predict the proper power of the artificial lens that will be placed in your eye. The information currently available to your surgeon allows him to estimate the power of the lens, usually leading to excellent results. However, your true results will only be known after surgery, when you return for follow-up care.

The ORA System takes cataract surgery a step further, removing most of the uncertainty by providing real-time micro-measurements that guide your surgeon during lens placement. This allows the surgeon to make refined adjustments to optimize your outcome, and lets the surgeon verify, during surgery that the proper correction has been made. All of this increases the likelihood of excellent results and helps reduce your need for glasses.

The ORA System uses wavefront eye-mapping technology similar to the technology that has made LASIK such a precise, personalized procedure. The ORA system helps your surgeon identify unique characteristics of your eye during cataract surgery that when known can be used to optimize your outcome.

Watch the informative video below for more information on cataract surgery with the ORA System.