Fall Eye Allergies


Did you know that fall allergies can be just as bad as spring allergies? If not worse! Throughout the fall we see high ragweed and tree pollen counts. We are now in peak fall allergy season and with that comes red, watery, and itchy eyes. This time of year we often see many patients regarding these issues.

Fall is beautiful, but if you are suffering from red and itchy eyes, you will not be able to enjoy it! Here are some tips for evading eye allergies this fall:

-Keep your windows closed in your home and vehicle

-Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from pollen in the wind

-Wash your face and hands

-Stay indoors during peak allergy times

-We also urge you to not consistently rub your eyes if they are uncomfortable. This can not only damage your eyes, but you could be rubbing pollen from your hands into your eyes!

Most allergies can be managed with over the counter antihistamines and eye drops. If your eye allergies are interfering with daily life, it is time to schedule an appointment! Let us help you manage your seasonal eye allergies with our expertise. We may be able to prescribe you liquid tears, special eye drops, and more.

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